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Your income depends on the number of members registered on the web site and their daily activity. The more active they are the higher your income is.
In order to check out your approximate monthly earnings please enter the number of members you are able to register and their daily online time spent on the web site.

Your approximate monthly earnings

What is Partners Worldwide?

Partners Worldwide is a means of starting an online business. Whether you are looking to put effort and dedicate time for a huge paycheck or need some passive income in addition to your day job, Partners Worldwide will provide you the opportunity.

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Why Partners Worldwide?


Personalized support

We take an individual approach to each partner, because personal relationships matter to us.

Safety and security

A team of specialists is successfully cooperating with more than 3000 partners around the world. Our business relationship governed by a proper agreement. What keeps you safe keeps us safe too.

No upper income limit

You are not working for a wage, you are working as much as you want to earn as much as you want.

Partners about us


I already have a job, so can I just work a few hours in my off-time?

Yes, you can use this as additional income to your day job. However since your income depends on your efforts, we believe that dedicating more time will bring better results.

How do I get paid, are there any legal requirements?

You get paid once a month for the month that has already passed.
Method of transfer depends on the type of agreement. We cooperate with both legal entities and natural persons.
For legal entities, money is wired to the corresponding bank account.
For natural persons, in addition to a bank wire we have other payment methods dependent on the country.

Do members that I register pay anything?

No. The registration and services are free for them.

How is my income made?

Your income is constructed as a percentage of all the money spent on the communication services on the website involving members registered by you. Total amount will depend on the number of members you register and time they spent on the web site.

What are the requirements to start?

All you need is a computer with internet connection, English skills to communicate with international team and desire to start your own business.

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