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General information about Anastasia’s Affiliate:

Anastasia’s Affiliate is a well-established and profitable marketing network that promotes four leading international dating brands – AnastasiaDate, AsianBeauties, AmoLatina, and AfricaBeauties. As our affiliate partner, you can choose from a range of Anastasia’s Affiliate Programs that deliver regular income when you generate conversions, registrations and sales on our sites.

Anastasia’s Family of Sites comprises the international dating brands AnastasiaDate, AsianBeauties, AmoLatina, and AfricaBeauties. These family-safe websites match up single men from the US, Europe, Australia and other regions with some of the world’s most beautiful and eligible ladies. Registration to all websites is free while features and services such as Live Chat are available to clients on a pay-per-use model. Founded in 1993, Anastasia’s Family of Sites is promoted both online and offline with advertising across major US TV networks including CBS, NBO and NBC.

Anastasia’s Affiliate Programs provide you with a straightforward but good source of online profit. International dating is one of the fastest growing internet services available attracting an increasing number of affluent and adventurous men worldwide.

Our Affiliate Programs provide real rewards for your promotional activity and offer one of the highest industry payouts guaranteed every month. All affiliates have access to these profitable programs, a full set of creatives, custom reporting, analytical tools, 2nd Tier Program, white label dating, and a responsive affiliate support team. Larger partners can also discuss a more flexible approach regarding their affiliate activity.

Due to our leading position and friendly support, many affiliates strongly recommend us as their preferred partner. So join today and start earning with our great range of programs.

No, it is free. Register here to become a partner of Anastasia’s Affiliate. We also provide you with all promotional material and support service free-of-charge.

Your revenue depends on the program you choose, the volume of traffic you send and the number of conversions you achieve every month. See payouts for each of the programs here.

To receive approval and continue working with Anastasia’s Affiliate it is important that you DO NOT:

  1. Use any adult traffic and/or creative materials that show nudity or pornographic content
  2. Use any incentivized traffic
  3. Bid on our brand keywords and the keywords of our competitors (see Terms of Use)
  4. Use opt-out bases for your email campaigns
  5. Use spam in social media

Please check our Terms of Use for further information.

Programs and commissions

The Per First Order Program allows you to receive a fixed commission rate for each client that purchases services on our sites for the first time. The rate you receive will depend on the number of First Orders you get during a month.

With the Per Each Order Program you will be paid every time a client purchases services on Anastasia’s Family of sites.

Yes, you can choose the Per Lead Program when you set up an account with us. With Per Lead offers you will be paid up to $8 for each registration from a male 30-60 years of age from specific countries listed in the offer. You can find more information about geotargeting here.

No, all products are available to promote from one comprehensive affiliate account.

Yes, you can add or change the affiliate program you use at any time. Contact your affiliate manager to request the offers that you are interested in promoting.

You can promote our mobile sites for AnastasiaDate and AsianBeauties with special Per Lead offers. Find out more details via your account or ask your affiliate manager.

Mobile sites for AnastasiaDate and AsianBeauties are available only for Android smartphones 2.3+ and iOS 4.0+ operating systems. Mobile sites DO NOT operate on any other phones. You should target your users accordingly.

Please Contact your affiliate manager to request more information about mobile application promotion.

Yes, using the 2nd Tier Affiliate program you can lead other webmasters to register with our affiliate program. You will receive $10 for every active affiliate referred by you. You can find more information here

Yes, it is possible. Any price increase will depend on the conversion rate into sales and the volume of traffic that you send. Please Contact your affiliate manager for more details.

My affiliate account

Click on the Forgot Password? link. Your password will be automatically sent to your registration email.

To remove your affiliate account from our database just send us an email with “Delete my account” in the subject field and include your registration email address.

We retain the right to block any affiliate accounts in the following cases:

  • If we see fraudulent traffic from an affiliate
  • If the campaign is unprofitable for Anastasia’s Affiliate
  • If affiliate creates multiple accounts without notifying his affiliate manager

You can create multiple accounts only after notifying your affiliate manager and explaining why you need more than one account in our system. Please contact your affiliate manager for more information.

Setting up a campaign

When you sign-up to our program we give you a unique affiliate ID. This ID allows the system to determine conversions from your traffic and credit your account. If you change the tracking URL and exclude your affiliate ID (aff_id) there is no way to accurately credit your account, and you will not be paid for the traffic that you send.

On your account go to ’Offers > My Offers’ and choose the offer you want to promote. You will find your tracking link at the top of the page. You can promote a multiple choice of landing pages by generating the relevant link. Choose one in the ’Tracking Link Options’ drop-down menu, which also includes a ’Random URL’ option.

Yes. Click on the field and add the parameter(s) into the tracking in your account. There are up to 5 levels of affiliation available.

Choose landing page you want to use; add parameters in tracking url if needed; download your html template; make sure that all the links work.

There are 2 options to use banners:

  • You can get a banner code in the Creatives section;
  • You can download a file and embed your tracking link into the banner.

Please contact your affiliate manager to request a pixel/postback for placement on our backend.

Measure results

All reports work in real-time. You can see conversions immediately after they happen.

You can use the Performance Report. Please make sure you check ’Goal’ in Report Options.

You can use the Conversion Report. Please make sure you check ’Goal’ in Report Options.

Approved conversions will be paid out according to the program you use: Leads for Per Lead Program, First Sales for Per First Order Program, and Regular Sales for Per Each Order Program.

Conversion approval usually takes up to 3 business days.


We usually pay affiliates once every month. We carry out payments before the 20th of each month. We may agree to make payment on an individual basis depending on the volume of your traffic.

  • Bank wire transfer
  • PayPal
  • Payoneer

Once your balance reaches $50 you can receive your commission payment.

We will pay you for the conversions depending on the program that you choose. We will pay you for all qualified Lead conversions/goals if you are using the Per Lead account; for all qualified First Sale conversions/goals if you are using the Per First Order account; and for all qualified Regular Sale conversions/goals if you are using the Per Each Order account.

You will not be paid for Lead conversions/goal if you are using the Per First Order or Per Each Order account/offer. Likewise, you will not be paid for First Sale and Regular Sale conversions/goals if you are using the Per Lead account/offer.

Yes, you can receive the commissions together. Please make sure that your account manager is aware of your request.

To receive payments from AnstasiasAffiliate you need to add payment details. In your account go to ‘Billing’.

Your application has been successfully sent.
Our Team will contact you within the next couple of days.