Viktoria and Ole

We are glad to share the wonderful and interesting story about Ole and Viktoria. The heroes of the story have met each other on Anastasia and their acquaintance has stared from ordinary correspondence on 25 th of May 2009. It was a birthday of Viktoria what is very remarkable for their love story. Later they have been in correspondence during a year and half. Also they have started to meet each other very often and their relationship developed during almost four years! There were the years when they had the opportunity to check their feelings. Finally they got married on 14 th of September, 2013. They had engaged and official ceremony of a marriage in Denmark (from where Ole) in February and July. The wedding party with 40 guests from Denmark and relatives, friends of Viktoria's family was celebrated in Odessa in one of the most beautiful restraints of the hotels of Odessa — Londonskya.

The story of this couple is quite remarkable also because their long term relationship before the wedding is told about love, patience, wisdom of both of them. Their maturity and devotion to each other helped them to overcome distance.

The couple traveled a lot before got decision about the marriage. Viktoria also visited her future home land country, Denmark where they had engaged.

Vika and Ole knew each other so well so they told us their marriage is quite a fulfilled thing for them and they wish to all others people to get the same right decision about marriage. They have unique unite in life interest, values, life goals. They say that they are soul mates, they even were born in one year of a Dragon). Their relationship is built on mutual respect and true love. They have managed to overcome language barrier since Ole learnt Russian and Viktoria learnt English. But as they say their common language is language of love and mutual understanding. We asked them how many times they have met before the wedding so they smiled and replied they are not able to say exactly since it was almost every weekend during three years.

The ceremony of the wedding was like bright example of a great joining of people of different cultures and nations. It was triumph of love, and beliefs in friendship. Ole told us that he knew from the beginning that he would win Viktoria's heart and he sincerely and greatly grateful to Anastasia site for this opportunity to find his soul mate. Viktoria told us even if a destiny is written in our life's book but they might miss this chance without Anastasia.

Viktoria — Odessa, Ukraine
Ole — Denmark

Tatyana and Nares

Everyone lives his or her own life and has one's own story. My story began here at AnastasiaDate site in February 2013.

As soon as I've acquainted with my future husband we both felt a certain kinship of our souls. At first we texted a lot and called up each other but, unfortunately, we didn't feel chemistry between each other, and as a result the destiny separated us. We have not seen each other and haven't talked to each other for almost a year. Each of us lived one's own life in own way. But one day when we faced after all that time we could not pass by and we decided to give a second chance each other.

The more I learned about him, his lifestyle habits, the more I realized that the first impression was deceptive. Then everything happened like in the best women's novels: meetings became more frequent, timid dates, a romantic trip "just he and I". As soon as he introduced me to his parents I fell in love with them immediately.

Sometimes it happens in our lives that after some period of time you realize that this is the only man whom you've dreamt about for so long time! And the most exciting thing is that he thinks so, too! All in all, my beloved man invited me to have dinner in a cozy restaurant where a little bit dimmed light and soft music created romantic athmosphere. At first we were just talking, enjoying our date, and then after the wine had been brought he smiled sweetly and gave me a small oval box. It was the most exciting moment in my life. The aim I came to the site was to find a life partner and my dream came true soon.

Do not be afraid to try something new and to give people a second chance. I am very happy and I wish you the same. Create your own happiness with AnastasiaDate!

Tatyana — Kiev, Ukraine
Nares — France

Len and Armine

My name is Len and this is Armine. And we'd like to thank AnastasiaDate first and foremost for bringing us together. For me it's been a long journey er.. But I say to you, men out there, that first and foremost if you want to find a genuine lady, one that's family-orientated and one that's more interested in you perhaps than other things in life that might entice …like her.. Many western women, then have a look closely at the Eastern European and Armenian scene. Now I mentioned Armenia for good reason, not just because my wife is Armenian but because many men focus on Ukraine and Russia, you can find many beautiful and wonderful ladies there, it is no doubt, but here in this small country, a historic, amazing country to tour , there are women that are very, very genuine and sincere. It's my experience at least. I need you men to think that before you come you need to understand the different culture. Here there is a conservative nature. The ladies prefer gentlemen. You know what I am talking about when I am talking about being gentleman. And actually it's quite nice, the ladies here would love you to open a door and don't get cross at you for being a real man you know then the ladies are ladies and they love being ladies and dressing in dresses and things like that. So, consider studying the culture. There are some informational websites and some books but I suggest you before you come don't think you are coming just for a sex tour or something like that. Enjoy the culture, enjoy the lady and be genuine and serious about it and they will love you for it. I'm telling you now. There are amazing ladies but particularly here in Armenia. This is Armine, my wife.

Geir and Irina

Finally we can say that our story has a very happy end. We have recently got married in Irina's city. We can't describe how happy we are. We really love each other and we can't imagine our lives without each other. Really we want to thank AnastasiaDate for their service. Everything is possible, men just have to choose the right lady, to feel her and to come and visit her.

After our meetings and trips to each other we understood that we meant to be together and on Christmas Eve we decided to get married. We also had our conversations by phone every day.

We had our wedding on the 4th of June. It was a really international event. Guests from Norway understood Ukrainians and they become friends. They could see traditions of our both countries.

Everyone could see how happy we are. Now we came back from our honeymoon from Turkey, we had amazing trip along the south beach of the country. We feel no barriers between us, only feelings and respect to each other. And happy life is waiting for us. Irina will work as a pharmacist in Norway after studying Norwegian with the tutor and then her son will come to us too. And we will have big and happy family. We will overcome all the challenges together.

Just go for your dream and this site can help you!! Because many Ukrainian ladies are also lonely and looking for love and wedding with a happy end.